New Social Art School Projects - Tillydrone No Ball Games

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Tillydrone on a January day, 2007


In Tillydrone there are more than 70 prohibition signs - most of them saying No Ball Games - a lot in a community of 4000 inhabitants. Coming as an outsider, this is one of the first things I noticed. Most locals will say that they don't really pay attention to the signs anymore. But, when you get them thinking about it, most will agree that the signs are quite offensive. Especially when you advise that the signs have no legal standing, meaning it's not against the law to play ball next to a No Ball Games sign. Some of the signs, half-rotten, sitting on a rusty pole, date back 25 - 30 years, or maybe more. Other signs, the metal ones, are as new as January 2007. Strange, that in contemporary society, with a general focus on community regeneration, engagement and participation, this is the only visible communication from the city council to the people... No no no.